China Tour Canton Fair

Rifah Chamber of Commerce and Industry took a delegation to China’s mega exhibition called Canton Fair in the month of April 2018 from 14th to 19th. Mr. Mubin Bashir Khan who is from core committee of Rifah took this initiative and led this group. It was a five days tour, especially focusing on exhibition. This group consisted of sixteen persons, some were seasoned businessmen and others were growing entrepreneurs. For both categories, it was a great experience for them of being a part of such a big tradeshow where people from across the globe were visiting. They experienced about the good infrastructure, growing technology, hard work, commitment, health consciousness of people and the international standard of business. All who were looking for products to import for either trading purpose or any machine to use in their own factories only, they found good varieties of products on reasonable prices. They got an opportunity to visit some manufacturing plants where they experienced how China is producing all most all products which can lure the world to buy from them. Team understood, the same can be produced in India since man power and resources are available here. It is just a matter of changing thoughts and focusing on industrial development of the country. So that world can see us first in any product or service requirement.