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How to Fight with Economic Slowdown for a Better Business

Event Name: How to Fight with Economic Slowdown for a Better Business
Venue: Sion Mumbai.
Date: 28-02-2020
Time: 7:00 PM
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An Interactive Session on �How to Fight with Economic Slowdown for a Better Business� was organized by Rifah Chamber of Commerce Mumbai at Al Qalam Shool 169, Naik Nagar, L.B.S. Marg, Sion Mumbai. This Session includes Lectures, Panel Discussion and Open Session Program Started with Tilawate Quran with tarjuma by Maulana Nayyer Sb Salahuddin Ahmad National Administrative Manager hosted the program First Lecture on Change Yourself this is the time given by Jb. Sabir Baig Sb founder and Director of Electrosoft Pvt. Ltd. He explained all ethical practice of business guided in islam like speak truth, on time delivery, don�t take interest and don�t share your personal problems with your customer to run your show successfully Siraj Quazi who is an experienced Chartered Accountant and Successful Entrepreneur gave lecture on Financial Planning and threw some very important points to the audience Mirza Afzal Baig Sb explained about Rifah expansion in 17 states with the introduction of rifahmart B2B portal and concluded on how to manage operation is business todays A Panel Discussion was started in which Salahuddin Ahmad asked multiple questions to the panelists on how to fight with Economic Slowdown issue and then leave it to audience for Questions and Answers with all the panelists Panelists answers all the questions and the bottom line was to Change working style through mindset, attitude and activity, make credit policy of each customer and do a thorough financial planning especially plan surplus reserves Momento was given to panelist by Jb. Rizwan Shaikh President Mumbai Rifah body Program ended with vote of thanks by Jb. Dr. Mohammed Aslam Sb Secretary of Mumbai Rifah local body.

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