Micro & Small Business Summit 2016 Malvani

 Micro & Small Business Summit at Islamic Center By JIH Malwani

JIH Malwani had organized a Bussiness Summit for Malwani Businessmens to
introduce budding entrepreneurs with the nuances of setting up their own businesses. Morethan 60+
people across different field of business were present. Program was started at 6:30pm The inaugural
address was delivered by Mr. Ata Ul Haq (M/s Venus Electrical ) Co-ordinator for 
Entrepreneurship Cell JIH Mumbai, wherein he briefed the participants about the
objectives of the summit as being economic upliftment of the Muslim Community and what is the
islamic perspetive of business and what was the role of campanion(Sahabha RAH) in bussiness.
Guidance on Business Taxation (Sales,Exice,Professionlal,Income, LBT etc) was provided by Mr Muneeb
ul Haq (C B.A). He had suggested & appealed to the audience to adhere to Legal compliances of business
to get maximum benefits of Government Schemes like file returns of taxes on time and how one can get
Import Export license by using govt websites(www.dgft.gov.in).
Mr.Afzal Baig(CEO of M/s Lithotech Engineers ) & Secretary Entrepreneurship Development Cell JIH Maharashtra in his speach he bereifed the audiance about Prophet Muhammad (Peace
be upon Him) teachings on business(Tijarat) and role of Companions of the Prophet like Usman bin
Affan, Abubakar Siddiq, Abdurrahman bin Auf who were great businessmen of their time. how they had
use their skills to contribute and support social causes like freeing of slaves and providing water wells for
poor etc. He appealed delegates of Summit to engage in Ethical Business Practices, Legal Compliance,
Care of all Stake holders of Business (Employees , Vendors & Clients, Government). he had said that now
when world has become global village so one should think beyond domestic markets
Mr.Abdul gafoor Qureshi (MD of Abdullah`s Electrinoics (Salat time Indicator Manufacture) shared his
success stories of of his company from dirt to glory achievement
Attendies of program appericiated JIH Mumbai(EDC) efforts and promise to attend upcoming seminar's
on the same and program was ended with vote of thanks of Jb Humayun Shaikh(Pr.JIH Malwani)he
thanked gusest and the attendies of seminar.