SME Business Summit 2017

  • 15-Oct-2017
  • 10:00 am to 3:00 pm
  • 150 Participants
  • Indian Medical Association Bhavan, Bareilly, U.P
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on Sunday, 15th October 2017 at Indian Medical Association Bhavan. Many dignitaries graced this august event with their presence. This program was jointly organized by Rifah Chamber of Commerce and Industry and U.P. Human Welfare Foundation. This grand event was sponsored by Amaria Pharmacy and Integrated Facilitation Services. This Business Summit also marked the launch of Rifah Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Uttar Pradesh.

The Summit started with Tilawat-e-Quran by Mr. Junaid Falahi. Mr. Ahmad Aziz Khan who was the host of this event started his talk with importance of economic empowerment. He brought to the notice of the audience that the business community in U.P. is not linked and a better network would help them to grow their business. He also explained the importance of Rifah to the audience and raised his concern over the communities negligible presence in FICCI and IIA. He ended his speech saying we need to explore all possible means to encourage budding entrepreneurs. Dr. Ahmad Sayeed Khan, who is the Founder of Amaria Pharmacy addressed the audience about his experience in business and motivated people with his success story. He quoted few Hadiths emphasizing the importance of unity, integrity and abiding by the principles. He quoted that it is a businessman’s responsibility to  think of well being of society. He also told to the audience how Islam strongly condemns Interest based economy and Islam teaches businessmen to show it’s fault first. Talking about his company he told the word Amaria in Amaria Pharmacy is the name of the village where he comes from and it was his love for his soil that made him to name his company so.

Mr. Zubair Ahmad, who is also the convener of Rifah in U.P. addressed the audience about Integrated Facilitation Services. He told his firm provides support mechanism for 3 categories – startups, microbusiness and NGOs. He told that they have tie ups with various resources like CAs, business experts etc and they also provide job oriented training. Later on Mr. Dawood-ul-Islam who represented Halal India addressed the audience. He told that Halal India does verification and Inspection and accordingly provide halal certification. He showed the process of Halal Certification to the audience and informed them about huge global market availability for halal products. Dr. Anzarul Islam from Pureline Agripro continued this informative session with his speech on opportunities in Agriculture business. He gave a description of his company, how it is working for the betterment of agriculture. He told the audience that they help people do Organic Farming using different techniques of doing farming on the roof. He said one could grow fresh food on their roof using their technique. He further added that the concept of his company is city farming. Moving on with this informative event, Mr. Jamaluddin shared his success story. He said that he started his career as a Medical Representative. He shared his experience with the audience that continuity lasts. Later on in his career, he made wholesale license and now he has agencies of 13 pharmaceutical companies. He showed his willingness to guide people for medical marketing.

Economist Professor Tahir Baig addressed the audience on the topic venture capital fund for budding entrepreneurs. He said in North India, Muslim’s economy is dependent on handicrafts. He told the audience that in order to grow in business, ecosystem is necessary. He also emphasized the importance of social networking in business. He further added that in order to make a viable ecosystem, funding is very important. He further elaborated that how Islamic banking or Islamic venture capital fund provides sustainable ground for budding entrepreneurs.

Dr. Farhat Hussain, President JIH, U.P. West and Uttarakhand, enlightened the audience on the topic Roadmap for economic empowerment of Muslims in India. He started his speech by saying “Nobody should be hungry”. He said the first thing Prophet Muhammad PBUH did when he migrated to Madina was that he created Madina Market. He further added that as per the report of Applied Economics Research Council of India, out of every 10 Muslims, 3 are below poverty line. He made a point that Islam is the only religion which teaches worldly wellbeing apart from concern for the hereafter. Quoting the  Quranic verse he said business is permitted while interest is forbidden. He addressed the gathering and said that in Islam the status of a businessman abiding by truth is very high. Adding further he said that Islam respects those who work and earn by their own hands. He conveyed certain messages to the community that instead of searching for jobs, youth should try starting their own business. We should upgrade our skills to move with time. He also emphasized the importance of co-operative farming. According to him, hardwork is very important. To work hard for Halal Income is also a form of prayer. Stating about different aspects of business, he said there should be a good relationship between workers and owners. He concluded his speech by saying that there should be a mechanism which should help small businessmen with accounting and record maintenance at meager service charge.

Mr. Sohail Ahmed, a social entrepreneur, blogger, mentor and coach  carried on the flow of information and motivation with his speech. His addressed the audience on the topic personality traits for successful business. Speaking about himself he said that he tried many businesses and failed but now he is addressing the gathering of knowledgeable people due to his hard work and consistency. He pointed out that experts say that we are moving towards 4th Industrial revolution, if we do not accept new technology we would be out from business very soon. He stated the importance of creativity & innovation in business, one must identify the market needs and innovate in order to stay in the race. He further added that in today’s business word, it’s not about starting first but it’s about who is moving fast. He said to the audience that these technologies are open for all. Eg. Digital marketing. He further said that in modern times, we can’t do business individually, instead we need to create an ecosystem. He mentored the audience with his valuable suggestions such as we have to be customer centric. If we want to grow our business we need to build trust with customers. Speed is the new currency in today’s business. Since today’s customers are smart and knowledgeable, being agile is very important. We need to take decisions as per the market conditions we should create transparency in business. He told the audience about the importance of data in current times and companies throughout the globe are investing heavily on data collection. Stating further he said that Ecommerce is great importance nowadays. He gave a ray of hope to struggling entrepreneurs and said if you are developing a business model which is scalable & sustainable, Angel investors would be more than happy to fund them. He also put forth a formula for doing business nowadays (1)Identify problem of people and (2) use technologies. He concluded his speech by saying that in future there will be funding on social issues such as water, solar energy and challenges in today’s world are the opportunities for new business.

Mr. Kaleemul Hafeez, a successful entrepreneur having numerous feathers on his cap and who owns numerous institutions motivated the audience to work for  a practical approach to the community’s problems. He bluntly conveyed his message that our community lacks people who can implement things on the ground. He strongly put forth his point that “Now is the time of implementation”. He said our reference point is Quran and Sunnah. Since we already have our reference set, we just have to implement it and we need think over it seriously how we can implement it. He said we had a glorious past but that is history, in today’s world in order to succeed we must be passionate. Giving  example of Industries in Meerut and Muradabad which are now on the verge of extinction, he said this happened because they did not blend with time. He also said that if we do not produce quality, we would not be identified. For those willing to start a business, he put forth certain questions which need to be answered. These questions are (1) What I have to do? (2) What are my capabilities? (3) Is my business plan ready? He shared his practical experience regarding business that whenever there is a loss in business, we need to have patience and confidence on ourselves. He concluded his speech by saying that if we want to see our next generation’s  growth, we must invest in school and hospital business.

Last but not the least, concluding speech of this grand event was given by Mr. Salahuddin Ahmad, Chief Operating Officer of Rifah Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He said that the community lacks vision for their business. Unless and until we have a Vision set for our company, we would not be able to grow our business. He further added that if we do not develop a system for our company, we can’t sustain for long. He said we need to develop process so that we can replicate our business model . Setting of process would also help in executing our business in auto mode. He pointed out that our community lacks awareness about basic requirements of doing business. Elaborating his point further he made this clear by giving example of failure in documentation. Since we do not do documentation, we face impact due to adverse conditions such as GST & demonetization. He further added that we are not aware about various government bodies which provide support in business. He said we need to understand the importance of upgrading ourselves. He conveyed to the audience that they should understand the importance of digital marketing. He also said in today’s world Business coaching is important to keep oneself upgraded. He explained to the audience the purpose of Rifah and how it will help in the growth of their business. Audience anxiously heard the different services which Rifah provides to it’s members. Mr. Salahuddin Ahmad encouraged people to become member of Rifah Chamber of Commerce and Industry so that they can benefit from it.