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Event Name: Rifah Chamber of Commerce and Industry Beed Chapter Launch
Venue: Aman Lawns, Beed
Date: 14-02-2021
Time: 10:30 AM
Participants: 125

Rifah Chamber of Commerce and Industry Maharashtra launched it district Chapter of Beed on 14th Feb. 2021. An event on Start-up and Scale Up Business was organised in Aman Lawns, Beed. Programme started with the recitation of Quran by Hafiz Abdul Qayyum. Janab Muzammil Hanagi presented the Urdu translation of the Recition. Mr. Shaikh Rafeeq (Coordinator, Rifah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Beed Chapter), introduced the Rifah Chamber of Commerce, it’s Aims and objectives inthrough Inaugural Remarks and presented the purpose of the programme. He said RCCI strives for the reconstruction of the Economic System and the overall development of whole humanity.

Mr. Ashfaq Alam Siddiqui ,Aurangabad, (Core committee member of Rifah Chamber of Commerce and Industry Maharashtra ) continued the programmed and delivered a Power Point presentation on Start-up guidelines. Why Start Up ?, How Start-up ?, Skill set and Qualities required, Steps by Step doables of Start-up business like:-Searching for opportunities, Market review, what are the Problems generally faced by people and its possible  solution.

This was followed by a presentation on Business Opportunities in Beed District by Mr. Mubeen Khan from Ahmed Nagar, (Core Committee Member, Rifah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Maharashtra). He presented Statistical Information & data of Beed district. He apprised the participants about the cotton and oil industry, the opportunities created by it, the opportunities will be created after the completion of the Parli- Beed- Ahmadnagar Railway and the opportunities currently available in various sectors. He addressed on Entrepreneurship Development also.

After that Mr. Shaikh Muzammil Pasha, a successful Entrepreneur of Beed and Mr. Akram Barkat Pathan, a Manufacturer of  Kit Kat Fuse presented their experiences as a Success Story which encouraged the audience.

Later, Mr. Syed Shafeeq Hashmi, (Chairman, Rahat Urban Cooperative Credit Society, a Social enterprise set up in Beed district,) shared his success story and said that new people who want to start their own business with less capital but don’t have the capital, can contact this institution.He further continued that Beed has much potential for new Businesses. It is required to start with passion and ethics. 

Programmed continued with the speech of Mr. Shaikh Anees, (Business Coach and Consultant,Beed ), who presented Motivational Content through  his Power Point Presentation. Why is Goal Setting important? How to do it?Steps of Goal setting.Types of Goal, he delivered.

Then came the most awaited guest of the event, Mr. Mirza Afzal Baig, (All India General Secretary of Rifah Chamber of Commerce and Industry ) delivered his lecture on ‘Take Your Business to the Next Level’. He explained the importance of Project Report, Break Even Point, Legal Compliances, Problem’s Solutions on how to set your business to Auto Driven Mode.He added how to do research and development in business to make a business growing and scalable. In the open session, audience asked questions to all the speakers and got satisfied answers.

Last but not the least, Janab Taufeeq Aslam Khan, (former President of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Maharashtra, Patron of Rifah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Maharashtra,) addressed the audience by giving an influential speech on the importance and usefulness of business from the Holistic lives of the Prophet Muhammad( Peace Be Upon Him) and Sahaba Ikram (Companions of Prophet). He emphasized on the need to develop the business according to the requirements of modern Era, by choosing the business according to one’s interests.further he stated that India is rich in Medicinal Value Herbs,there is a great opportunity for new Entrepreneurs in this sector.India can provide beneficail and miraculous herbal medicines to the whole world.

Program ended with the vote of thanks to the audience by Mr. Syed Shafeeq Hashmi,( Local President, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Beed). This whole event was convened by Mr. Shaikh Rafeeq (Coordinator, Rifah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Chapter Beed). Total paricipants in the event were 125 which includes Traders, Manufacturers, Professionals, Entrepreneurs and students.

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