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Event Name: Rifah Chamber of Commerce and Industry Haryana Chapter Launch
Venue: Sethi Garden, Faridabad
Date: 31-01-2021
Time: 11:00 AM
Participants: 70

On 31st Jan. 2021, Rifah Chamber of Commerce and Industry did a grand launch of its Haryana Chapter in Faridabad. A grand event was organised in Sethi Garden Faridabad with the support of Minority Development Foundation (MDF). This business event started at 11:00 a.m. with the recitation of Quran by Hafiz Imran Sb. A bouquet was given by MDF team to Mr. S Ameenul Hasan Chairman of Rifah Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Vice President of JIH and a bouquet was given by FICOM team to Mr. Mirza Afzal Baig General Secretory of Rifah Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Program continued with the inaugural speech of Mr. Mohammed Naiyer Asst. Secretary JIH (Focus Zone). Mr. S K Abbasi  (President, MDF) spoke about the power of team and gave example how MDF and FICOM is doing multiple social works as a team. Mr. Aslam Khan Saifi (Chairman, MDF) delivered his speech on “Business Development”, he emphasizes on irrespective of business or education we should choose our area or interest. Otherwise, a doctor can’t be beneficial to the society if he is pursuing his education on his parent’s choice. In the same way businessmen can’t be a real giver to the society, if does not work in the industry he likes to. Mr. Salahuddin Ahmad (National Admin, RCCI) who was also the convenor of the program briefed about the journey of Rifah Chamber of Commerce and Industry from Maharashtra to PAN India, from 2015 to till date and called Mr. Mirza Afzal Baig to speak about the main topic of the event “Take Your Business to the Next Level.” Mr. Baig addressed the audience by saying that Quran called us “Khaire Ummat” means beneficial for all humanity so we should have solution of every problem. We are business community can make a big change in the society, if we will come out of personal interest for which we most of us are doing our business for. Like for making bright future of my family, for buying a big bungalow, a big car and so on. Are we doing our business to give uplift the society, to contribute to the GDP of the country and finally serving humanity through our business in such a manner can face Almighty Allah on the day of judgement that we have utilized our resources given by you.  After Q & A session, Mr. S Ameenul Hasan (Chairman, RCCI and Vice President JIH) gave a concluding speech. He said, there are four paradigms which he taught people in psychology, Think Big, Take Big Steps, Think Big, Take Small Steps, Think Small, Take Big Steps, Think Small and Take Small Steps. In the current scenario, I would recommend you to Think Big but take small steps. Won’t ask to do 5 years of planning for your company, yes that is off course required some big shot company but will ask you to do three months planning of your company. He also emphasizes people to think out of the box of such industries which are evolving like robotics, data science. We usually think of such industries when spread all over and wake seeing our neighbour earning in that industry. Therefore, we should change our approach of seeing things. Audience got highly motivated with the speech of Ameenul Hasan Sb. Program ended up with the vote of thanks by Mr. Muhammed Ishtiyaque (President JIH Haryana).

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