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Event Name: Take Your Business to The Next Level
Venue: Vikas Nagar Delhi
Date: 01-02-2021
Time: 10:30 AM
Participants: 25

As Rifah Chamber of Commerce and Industry is spreading its wings in Delhi by introducing some district chapters. A small introductory Session of Rifah Chamber of Commerce and Industry organised by Vikasnagar (A District Chapter of Rifah Delhi) on 1st Feb. 2021. Session Started at 10:30 a.m with the  Recitation of the Quran. Mr. Salahuddin Ahmad (National Admin, RCCI) as a convenor of the program informed about the reason of program organised and asked each participant to introduce himself and brief about his business. Once intro is done, he asked Mr. Sultan Salahuddin (State Coordinator, RCCI Delhi Chapter) to give inaugural speech to the audience. Journey of of Rifah Chamber of Commerce and Industry from 2015 Maharashtra to Pan India till date is briefed by Mr. Salahuddin Ahmad (National Admin, RCCI) before calling main speaker of the session Mr. Mirza Afzal Baig (General Secretary, RCCI). Mr. Baig spoke a bit about the challenges of businessmen and streched more on “How to Take Your Business to the Next Level” which was main topic of the program. Mr. Baig made this program interactive rather than one-sided speech and drew a chart of questions which are asked by the audience considered to be the hindrances in scaling up business. Most of the questions were on finance and just by asking some questions to finance seekers, it was understood by the audience that people don’t get finance due to non-paper based concept, company and the project. Also, rather than using other easy solutions of partnerships they try to allure financers/investors on profit sharing without even knowing the correct mechanism of calculating profit margin of their products. The Second big issue was raised by the audience was, people take products on credit and don’t return money on time. Making a credit policy should be the option for buyers (Amount Limit and Time Limit) on the basis of paying behaviour and capacity of the buyer as per your past experiences with him. Last but not the least compliance, making papers and agreements due to lack of knowledge is a tedious task can easily be solved by giving fee to any CA or consultant, he can make your documents as per your requirement as well can read legal terms for you before you enter into any agreement. Program ended up with the vote of thanks by Mr. Umar Daraz (District Coordinator Vikasnagar Chapter, RCCI Delhi). Total 25 persons from local area and other parts of Delhi attended the seminar.