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Business Finance & Compliance

Importance of finance cannot be underestimated. It is indeed the key to successful business operations. Without proper administration of finance, no business enterprise can utilize its full potentials for progress and achievement. A proper finance management is imperative to ensure safety on investment and to plan a sound capital structure.

RCCI guides investors and investee about all the majors to be taken and what legal compliances should be done while doing joint ventures in investment opportunities. We are working towards to bridge the gap between investors and entrepreneurs. Most frequent Islamic ventures between investor and investees are:
• Mudharabah – provides the capital to an entrepreneur
• Wadiah – safekeeping & deposit
• Musharakah – joint venture with profit & loss sharing
• Murabahah – cost plus
• Ijarah – leasing

Also, this Department guides about all sorts of legal compliances, taxation and licencing required for the formation of a company or running a company i. e. how to apply for FSSAI, Trade Mark, GST, Udyam and much more.