Micro & Small Business Summit 2016 Latur

  • 20-Nov-2016
  • 10:00am to 2:00pm
  • 213 Participants
  • Hotel Great Embassy, Ambajogai Road, Latur
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 MICRO & SMALL BUSINESS SUMMIT 2016 Date - 20th November 2016 Time - 10:00 am to 02:00 pm Venue - Hotel Great Embassy, Ambajogai Road, Latur Organized By - Entrepreneurship Development Cell Latur

Convener - Mr. Mohammad Yunus Patel Guests - Mr. Taufeeq Aslam (President, JIH, Maharashtra) Mr. Afzal Baig (Secretary, EDP Cell JIH Maharashtra) Mr. Mubin Khan (Member, EDP Cell JIH Maharashtra & Business Consultant) Mr. B. S. Agwane (Manager, DIC Latur) Mr. N. M. Bhosale (Project Officer, MCED, Latur) Mr. V. D. Dixit (DVID, Latur) Mr. Murumkar (regional Officer, MIDC, Latur) Mr. Shaikh Shakil (CA) Mr. Shaikh Irfan (CA) Mr. Kalim Baksh (Huma Hatcheries) Mr. Syyed Zahiruddin (Ibrahim Group) Entrepreneurship Development Cell.

Latur has successfully organized a Micro & Small Business Summit 2016 on 20th November 2016 at Hotel Great Embassy, Ambajogai Road, Latur. The Program is organized for the people of Latur & surrounding businessmen's who doing business in Latur & for the new startups & young entrepreneurs who are looking to start a business. The program is conducted to guide the existing businessmen's & to give introductory portfolio of Govt. offices & their roles & responsibilities in doing day to day business life. Also the subject expert, Mr. Mubin Khan is invited for encouraging & providing a guidelines for new as well as existing business peoples. Program is started by the recite of Holy Quran done by Mufti Younus with the Urdu translation & the mean of doing business by Islamic orders given by Holy Quran. Mr. Mohammad Yunus Patel is the convener for this program. Guests are facilitied by bouquet from the organizers. The local President  of JIH, Abrar Mohsin given the introduction of JIH activities & work for the Ummah in Latur as well as in all over country. He also presented the JIH Latur's local activities done by JIH in the city. "The need & importance for creating Shobae Sanat-O-Tijarat (Entrepreneurship Development Cell) to uplift the muslim community in the field of business & too aware the Govt.'s facilities for the industries", said by Afzal Baig. He added, "Don't be a job seeker, be the job giver". He told that by doing the business, we all are helping our nation to make it strong & giving our best to contribute the country in the field of finance & economic. Mr. Afzal Baig also share the objectives of creating the Shobae Sanat-O-Tijarat (Entrepreneurship Development Cell). Mr. Agwane presented the govt.'s facilities & DIC's schemes for setting up the industry/business. He shared the major 3 schemes run by DIC like - 1. PMEGP 2. Seed Money Scheme 3. Gramin Udyog Scheme He given the information about udyog adhar & appealed the participants to register & get udyog adhar no. DIC Latur also runs the Distric Udyojak Puraskar, for the best performance & industry in latur. Maharashtra Centre for Entrepreneurship Development, a training center for providing the basic facility & education for the new startups & to educate the people for industry need. Mr. Bhosale presented the 3 main things that every entrepreneur should have - 1. To do something differently by own. 2. To not live under any Slavery. 3. To take risks. Bhosale described the training course run by MCED & ask the audience to get benefit from them to become a successful entrepreneur. Mr. Dixit shared the role of Khadi & Village Industries Commission (KVIC) & District Village Industry Development (DVID). He forced the audience to get the benefit of all the schemes & facilities run by different govt. offices. Mr. Murumkar given the introductory of Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation. There are 74,000 plots provided by corporation with all the facilities for industries in the MIDC zones. "Instead of conventional methods, All the MIDC plot allotment details are now done by online submission & procedure" said by Mr. Murumkar. There is a question and answer session is conducted for interaction of Govt. officers & the audience to solve their problems & get the guidance from the expertise. The main focus & interested session of this program is "Basics of Startup", which is presented by Subject Expert Mr. Mubin Khan. He shared the ideal business need & planning procedure for be a successful business in the market. He elaborated each & every phase of setting up the business like business selection, production, marketing strategies, product specification, Time management, competitions in the market etc. He also suggested that before setting up the business, be aware of ups & down of business market & start the business with the future perspective & future demand of products. Mr. Mubin answered the questions of audience & guided them very well. After the startup session, the next is the legal compliances & taxation tends to start the business. The CA Shaikh Shakil & CA Shaikh Irfan guided about the Laws & legal compliances for the business. They also shared the GST introduction & newly changed taxation format. Also the current topic, denomination of Indian 500/- & 1000/- is covered by both of them. They forced all the audience to be in a documented manner so that it can help in future & easily face the coming challenges. The organizers are invited two local businessmen's who are now the successfully doing business in Latur, 1. Mr. Kalim Baksh, Huma Hatcheries 2. Mr. Syyed Zahiruddin, Ibrahim Group they have shared the experience like how they are get into the business & struggled to make it successful. They also told the audience to work with politely, manage the time & business, serve the best to customers etc. Mr. Misbahuddin Hashmi, has given the speech on "Tijarat Ke Usool, Quraan-Hadees Ki Raushni Me" in which he lights up the Islamic Rules & regulations for doing business. He focused on the Prophet's Life & from the reference, he told that Islam has given a great values & laws for the business to do it with the true measures. The presidential talk is done by Maulana Taufeeque Aslam in which they told that all the community people have to came up for the cause of muslim upliftment. He also given the intro of Jamaat-E-Islaami Hind's interest free loan system which is helping the community. He forced that we have to develop a system which can help our brothers in society. The vote of thank is given by Mr. Abrar Mohsin & thanked all the guests, Govt. officers & the supporting team members for making this program successful. He also thanked the audience for being present & supporting this program. Nearly about 130+ participants are attended the program & thanked the Entrepreneurship Development Cell, Latur for arranging such program to support & uplift the business class of society. Program is started by the recite of Holy Quran done by Mufti Younus with the Urdu translation & the mean of doing business by Islamic orders given by Holy Quran. Mr. Mohammad Yunus Patel is the convener of program Mr. Abrar Mohsin presenting Iftetahi kalimat Afzal Baig share the objectives of creating the Shobae Sanat-O-Tijarat (Entrepreneurship Development Cell) Government Officers addressing the program, interaction between participants & officers in Question & answer session, Holy Quraan Gifted to all the Govt. officers Mr. Mubin Khan giving presentation on Basics of Startup CA Shaikh Irfan & CA Shaikh Shakil guiding the participants Mr. Kalim Baksh (Huma Hatcheries) & Mr. Syyed Zahiruddin (Ibrahim Group) share their successful stories "Tijarat ke Usool Quraan-Hadees Ke Raushni Me" by Misbahuddin Hashmi Presidential Talk By Maulana Taufeeque Aslam Glimpse of Micro & Small Business Summit 2016, Latur