Ahmed Nagar Orientation Program

  • 14-May-2017
  • 10am to 6pm
  • 80 Participants
  • Rehmat Sultan Hall/ Ahmed Nagar
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On 14th May 2017, an Orientation program of Rifah delegates was held at Rehmat Sultan Hall of AhmedNagar. Around 80 participants from various districts of Maharashtra participated in that program.

Mr. Ashfaque Alam gave a brief description of Rifah Chamber of commerce and Industry to the delegates. Mr. Mirza Afzal Baig emphasized about importance of economic wellbeing for a just society.

Mr. Mubin Khan showed the present economic condition of the indian society and motivated the delegates to work for a society which is economically balanced.

Mr. Abdullah gave a presentation on networking and Government Licensing. A very interesting interactive session between the delegates and the speakers was also held.

Mr. Salahuddin Ahmad, the COO of Rifah Chamber of Commerce and Industry conveyed his sincere thanks to all the delegates and the dignitaries who graced this occasion. Mr. Salahuddin Ahmad also elaborated Rifah’s Plan of Action to the delegates.

Last but not the least Mr.Taufique Aslam President Rifah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, presented a powerful concluding speech about importance of economic upliftment in the society.