SIO Entrepreneurship Summit 2017

Students Islamic Organization of India (SIO) organized a two day long entrepreneurship summit on 23rd and 24th September 2017 at Vikhroli, Mumbai.  Rifah Chamber of Commerce and Industry was invited in this knowledge oriented summit. Board of Directors of Rifah Mr. Afzal Baig, Mr. Ashfaque Alam Siddiqui and Mr. Abdul Salam Malik participated in Panel Discussion along with Mr. Shariq Nisar and Mr. Sameer Khan, which was organized on 23rd September 2017.  This Panel discussion covered various topics such as What is Entrepreneurship and why it has so much of craze,  Exchange ideas and knowledge and Why E Cell is required. Salahuddin Ahmad, Chief Operating Officer of Rifah Chamber of Commerce and Industry motivated the budding entrepreneurs and explained to the delegates why Rifah Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the need of the hour.  He also elaborated to the audience how Rifah is concerned about the economic development of the society through ethical business.


The various aspects discussed in the two days summit were: Entrepreneurial Behaviour – Objectives and Model of Operations: An Islamic Perspectives, Prophets (pbuh) Approach of Entrepreneurship, Startup Deliverable and Challenges, Guide for Idea Development, The power of networking tales, Winning the race through digital world, The Unwritten secret of choosing a startup, Entrepreneurship Idea Contest in the Education Space, Life as a Founder, Challenges of India Startups, Exchange Ideas and Knowledge, Startup Mastering the Game of Starting up, Government Policies for Indian Startups and E-Cell, growth and sustenance.


To address and interact with aspiring entrepreneurs, there were experts such as Mr Rehan Ansari (Textile industry), Br. Hamza Ali (Digital Marketing), Mr. Anis Muhammad (Import and Export), Mr. Jaffer Mateen (Educationalist), Mr. Mujtaba Farooq  (Owner, Asia Express), Dr. Tausif Malik (Social Entrepreneur), Dr. Shariq Nisar (Expert Islamic Finance), Mr. H Abdul Raqeeb Sb (General Secretary, IFIC), Mr. Sameer Khan (Charted Accountant) and Mr. Layeeq Ahmed (CAC Member, SIO of India).