Extension Lecture on Startup and Scale Up

  • 26-Nov-2017
  • 10:30 am to 2:00 pm
  • 200 Participants
  • Limra Garden Function Hall / Nizamabad
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An Extension Lecture of Startup & Scaleup was organized at Nizamabad, a renowned city in the state of Telangana on 26th November 2017. The program was convened by Mr. Naseer Ahmad who welcomed the guests. Mr. Usaid Hafeez recited the Holy Quran and marked the inauguration of this auspicious event. Mr. Ahmed Abdul Haleem  who is the district President of JIH Nizamabad Urban gave the inaugural speech and addressed the audience about importance of business.

Mr. Salahuddin Ahmad, Chief Operating Officer of Rifah Chamber of Commerce and Industry addressed the audience and told them that every business need to have a Mission, Vision and Value. He pointed out that although we do business , we follow the conventional methods. He said we need to move ahead with time so that we can sustain our business and grow day by day. He brought to the notice of the audience that if we fail to implement modern techniques in our business, our business would be soon wiped out. He informed the audience, the purpose of formation of Rifah Chamber of Commerce and Industry and pointed out the various benefits its offers. He encouraged the Business Community of Nizamabad to join in large numbers so that they can benefit from the services which Rifah is providing. 

Mr. Mubin Bashir Khan an established entrepreneur from Ahmed Nagar, founder of MK Group of Companies and a great consultant of Startup informed the present audience about various aspects of startup. He explained to the audience about the pre- requisites for a startup and motivated people to come up with innovative ideas which would be beneficial for the society and would be ultimately contribute to the country’s growth. He also gave examples of various kind of business which can be done with basic knowledge and meager investment. He further added that it is very important for a businessman to keep himself well informed about the various trends happening in the market, so that he can update his business accordingly and sustain in the competitive market.

Last but not the least Mr. Mirza Afzal Baig was invited to share his views on the various aspects of business. Mr. Baig gave a very motivating speech and told the audience that Islam never discourages to earn money, instead he told a successful businessman would contribute for the welfare of the society. Once he made his point crystal clear that it is good to earn more if your intentions are for the wellbeing of mankind, he then figured out why we fail in business and what corrective measures need to be taken in order to grow our business. He said that the community lacks vision for their business. Unless and until we have a Vision set for our company, we would not be able to grow our business. He further added that if we do not develop a system for our company, we can’t sustain for long. He said we need to develop process so that we can replicate our business model . Setting of process would also help in executing our business in auto mode. He pointed out that our community lacks awareness about basic requirements of doing business. He said we need to understand the importance of upgrading ourselves. He also said in today’s world Business coaching is important to keep oneself upgraded.

A very informative question and answer session followed after the all the speakers put forth their views. The speakers answered several questions of the audience which cleared many doubts of their business. The audience were very much content and motivated by the response of the speakers to their questions.

Special thanks to all the volunteers of JIH Nizamabad, SIO Nizamabad and Rifah Nizamabad body who worked tirelessly to make this event a grand success.