Lecture Series on Business Scale Up - Know Your Customer

On Tuesday, 17th December 2017, Rifah Chamber of Commerce and Industry organized the second lecture of the Business Scale Up Lecture Series. This Lecture was organized at N.G.V Banquet Hall, Dadar, Mumbai and the topic of the lecture was “Know Your Customer.” This Lecture was delivered by Mr. Parvez Ansari, who is a Master Black Belt in Six Sigma and Deputy General Manager in Godfrey Phillips India Limited.
Program Started with the recitation of the Holy Quran by Mr. Ata-ul-Haque. Mr. Salahuddin Ahmad, Chief Operating Officer of Rifah Chamber of Commerce and Industry gave a brief introduction of Rifah. He also put forth the purpose of this Business Scale Up Lecture Series and explained in detail, how such lectures would help the businessmen. Mr. Parvez Ansari was then invited to address the audience on the topic “Know Your Customer.” Mr. Ansari said we must focus on our customers rather than focusing on selling our products, he said, if we would be focused on our customer our sale would increase by itself. He presented some reports of major survey companies, business schools and media related to the lecture topic. Through these reports he tried to differentiate the qualities of a successful businessmen to those who aren’t. He said that some businessmen complain of competition in the market and hence are unable to grow their business while on the contrary successful businessmen’s secret lies in the regular service and ease which he provides to his customers. He also added those who sell their product at a cheaper rate are unable to deliver quality in their products and as a result do not meet the expectations of warranty or guarantee. He firmly asserted in order to become a successful businessmen, we should not make a product which we want to sell, instead we should keep on improving our service and innovating our products. The audience were very much impressed by the views presented by Mr. Parvez Ansari.
In the later halve of the program, a Panel Discussion was held in which Mirza Afzal Baig (General Secretary of Rifah Chamber of Commerce and Industry), Mr. Ziauddin Shaikh (Deputy Manager of Supplier Quality Assurance Mahindra and Mahindra Limited) along with Mr. Parvez Ansari answered the questions of the participants. The audience were very much satisfied and overwhelmed by the response which they got from the panelists for their problems. Mr. Salahuddin Ahmad concluded the program by delivering the vote of thanks to the guests and the audience and presented a roadmap of Rifah’s future activities.