An Extraordinary Workshop was held on 14th October 2018 at 169, Naik Nagar, L.B.S. Marg, Sion, Near Maharashtra Nature Park, Mumbai. This Workshop was organized by Rifah Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Workshop was focusing mainly on (MASTER YOUR MIND, MASTER YOUR LIFE USING NLP).  It was a 7 hours program and 75 participants attended it.

Mr. Masroor Ahmed Shaikh was the Convener of the program.

The program started with the recitation of the Holy Quran followed by our Guest & Speaker Mr. Abdul Manan Mauzam Ali who is a NLP PRACTIONER & LIFE COACH/BE & MBA, CEO (STANDARD TOUCH) Trained by World No.1 MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER TONY ROBBINS. Then got started the whole day workshop in which he had covered altogether 7 topics which are mentioned below:

1) Ultimate Happiness Tools

2) Overcome Stress, Anxiety & Depression      

3) Overcome Relationship Issues

4) Time Management

5) Anger Management

6) Positive Thinking

7) Goal Setting

While covering above mentioned topics, he has done lot of practical activities, quizzes, exercise, riddles etc., and after every right attempt from participant’s chocolates where given to them by Mr. Zakaullah Khan who was one of our program Guest. At the mid of the workshop Mr. Abdul Manan has given a chance to his friend Mr. Shoebullah Khan, who was also one of our program Guest. He addressed the audience with his real life experience how he has come across the challenges, what where the key points that he has kept in his mind and how he has dealt with the situations. He also informed that he has attended 2 more NLP workshop before this and how valuable it was. How he had implemented the same in his life by sharing few marketing tips and completed his speech and handed over to Mr. Abdul Manan. Later on Mr. Abdul Manan Mauzam Ali has done a real time TIME TRAVEL activity which was seem to be relaxing. Finally he had prepared one motivational song which he had sung and this was considered as a CHERRY ON THE CAKE moment for this workshop.

Q&A session was done where audience benefited from the guidance given by Mr. Abdul Manan Mauzam Ali.

Then came the time for Certificate Distribution and Photo Session, in which everyone got certificates in their personal names where it has been certified stating that they have attended 1 DAY NLP WORKHSOP. Also photo session was done for every participant individually when they were collecting certificate.

Last but not the least our program Guests & Speakers where honoured with Flower Bookey and Memento by Mr. Abdussalam Malik, Director of Rifah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, by Mr. Rizwan Shaikh, President of Rifah Mumbai Local Team and by Mr. Hamid Akhtar, Member of Rifah Mumbai Local Team

Rifah Introduction was given by Mr. Abdussalam Malik, Director of Rifah Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He gave the reason of Rifah formation and how Rifah has come into existence. He spoke about how RIFAH is becoming a platform to deal with the challenges. Also gave the brief introduction about ethical business practice which is preached by Islam.

The program ended up with the Vote of thanks by Dr. Mohd Aslam, Member of Rifah Mumbai Local Team, in which he had also recited some Quran Verses.